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Axivox is a VoIP telephony solution used by odoo teams and recommended for their clients. Thousands of satisfied users and quality communications around the world.

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Since 2018, odoo has chosen Axivox as its telephony solution.
This close collaboration ensures optimal compatibility between odoo's native VOIP client and our services.

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The perfect overlay

Axivox means making or receiving calls directly in odoo, but above all it means intelligent management of calls in advance, so that they always arrive at the right place.

Alain Monnom, SYSADMIN at Odoo

« Since we started working with Axivox, the price of our communications has fallen sharply, despite the strong growth of our teams. The stability of the infrastructure coupled with a responsive and highly qualified support guarantee us a quality service. The intuitive interface covers all our needs and offers complete independence in configuration. »

- Alain Monnom, SYSADMIN at Odoo

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Features that are worth the detour.

Direct calls according to a schedule

If your office is closed, announce your opening hours and offer your clients the opportunity to leave a message or contact an external secretary.

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Direct calls following a choice in a menu

Axivox allows you to redirect calls according to the number of extensions and the criticality of telephone communications within your company.

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Manage queues

Improve your brand image by leaving no call unanswered.

Your customers are put on hold until an agent can take the call.

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Display your numbers according to your destinations

Axivox allows you to automatically display one of your numbers depending on the destination. A great way to increase your international sales.

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One number for all your employees

The digital receptionist module allows you to limit the number of incoming numbers and reduce your costs.

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Increase your productivity

Access lists will allow you to be more productive by intelligently filtering your call management.

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