The digitalization of your company goes through the VOIP telephony

Incredibly flexible! Discover how Axivox adapts to the way you work.

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The good choice

As owner of the infrastructure and designer of the product, we host our services in the heart of Europe to guarantee our customers a high value-added service.

Always listening to our customers, our team ensures the development and maintenance of Axivox, every day, with passion.

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Scalable technology

Axivox is a constantly evolving service, as a customer you automatically benefit from all new features, without restrictions or time-consuming updates.


Whether your business is growing or in a period of optimization, our platform adapts to the size of your business.


Whether you are alone, several in the office or always on the go, our platform bends over backwards for you.


  • Dialplan

  • IVR

  • Time

  • Advanced forwarding

  • Access

  • Hotdesk

  • Call

  • Phonebook

  • Text
    to speech

  • And so many

Between us

A mere connection is enough for your phones to communicate with our infrastructure. Either your current Internet connection or choose a dedicated or even private line.

This choice will be made in consultation with our specialists, with the aim of guaranteeing a reliable and quality service at all times.


The setup

The configuration is so simple that if you have a minimum of technical knowledge, you can easily handle it. If you prefer to entrust it to a professional, no worries: one of our specialists will contact you to listen to your needs and propose the most appropriate solution.

By yourself

You have the required knowledge or you have an ICT manager.

By a partner

You think you don't have the knowledge or don't have an ICT manager.

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As owner of the infrastructure and designer of the platform, our teams offer you a high level of expertise and absolute mastery of the equipment to help you and answer your questions.

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