A simple guideline for a clean product

Take advantage of features previously only available to large enterprises while enjoying full control through our ultra-simplified interface.

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After 20 years of managing telephone exchanges that required 3 masters and a PhD to configure, we decided to develop a PBX with a simplified and intuitive interface.

But more than the interface, it is above all the advanced features that we wanted to make accessible to all. A strict selection of those that will allow Axivox to adapt perfectly to your activity while keeping the system simple and efficient.

These features are all available at no extra cost, regardless of the size of your organisation, with Axivox, no licences, no options! You only pay for your consumption.

Why not all the features

To keep the interface clean and easy to read, we have made it adaptable to give you an incredibly flexible solution.

A truly accessible configuration ?

A minimum of feature for a maximum of user-friendliness with a single objective, to make our customers independent. If you have any doubts, we would be happy to provide you with a demonstration.

What about the new features ?

Because our system is based on a CLOUD infrastructure, you automatically benefit from new features, interface improvements, and security updates. Nothing could be simpler...



A blank page to draw your ideal vision of handling an incoming call, all in a visual and ergonomic way.


Record your announcement and choose how the call should react according to the caller's choices.

Time condition

Manage your calls in a completely different way depending on the hours and days your business is open or closed.

Advanced forwarding

Choose where to direct calls when you are not answering or are busy. No matter the destinations and the timing ...

Access list

Implement filters that allow you to tailor the handling of a call based on the caller's number.


Log in on any phone in your company. Your number and calls follow you wherever you go.

Call conference

Create a conference room and invite your contacts to participate in a simple and effective telephone meeting.

Text to speech

Many of our clients can't stand to hear themselves, so we set up a text-based voice generator.

And so many others ...

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